Fern - Hairy Lip (gallon pot)
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Hairy Lip or Wooly Lip Fern
Cheilanthes tomentosa

The Wooly Lip Fern, is a xeric fern - it prefers dry sunny locations rather than moist woodlands. The fronds screen themselves from sun with hair and scales giving them a fuzzy appearance. 

They are sometimes called resurrection ferns as they can dry up completely and then come back to life when watered. This is a clumping native fern that can naturalize, with very upright fronds grouped tightly.  They love rocky locations. I planted some with Artemisia Silver Mounds - very striking. 

All of our plants and seedlings are grown organically and are timed size -wise and transplanted for optional growth and production.


Fern - Hairy Lip (gallon pot)

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