A set of 6 different varieties of lavender. Our choice of varieties... 

Lavender can be tricky to grow in this area - but once you understand what it needs, it really is not hard to grow. Lavender plants tend to get root rot. They don't like soil that stays damp and shady. They like soil that drains very well and they need full blaring sun. Hillsides facing south are ideal. Lavender soesn't mind crappy soil that is full of gravel or shale. They like sand added to the soil or vermiculite. Lavender is also great grown in pots - just make sure the pots drain well (I add some gravel into the bottom to keep the moisture flowing out easily) and place the pots in full sun.

English Lavenders usually do best here and are the most hardy. 'Munstead' and 'Hidcote' are great. 'Phenomenal' and 'Sensational' are newer varieties of English Lavender developed for extra hardiness as well as great scent and oil. French and Spanish varieties are also wonderful - with different scent profiles than English and different styles of leaves and colors and styles of flowers. I get a bit obsessed and grow a bunch of different lavenders - keeping the tender ones in pots that I bring into the greenhouse during the winter. 


Lavender Collection

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