Midsummer Farm Plant Tote Bag
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Our official Midsummer Farm Plant Tote Bag! We designed these to be the ultimate and perfect bag for making plant toting and shopping easy and fun! 

A great bag to have on hand while shopping for anything but perfect for plant shopping!

Bag is forest green with black straps and features our Midsummer Farm Logo in white. 

This bag is designed for toting plants - it has a sewn-in hard bottom and wire rim along the edge for extra stability and functionality.

Fits a regular sized nursery tray in the bottom nice and snugly for plant safety. Measures 22" x 10" x 12".

Aside from its main compartment, it has a front pocket to store smaller items.

It has a 14 inch handle drop height to make carrying on the shoulder graceful and easy.

The material is high quality and durable polyester, easy to clean, and doesn't mind getting wet.

The Midsummer Farm Plant Tote is also easy to carry and store - it folds flat so it can fit easily in your car and is very light to carry.
It's prefect to have on hand for all your spur-of-the-moment plant shopping!
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Midsummer Farm Plant Tote Bag

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